Glen Haven

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The village in the valley

Glen Haven is a quiet village surrounded by natural beauty. Located directly on the border of Wisconsin, the Mississippi river serves as a divide to the state of Iowa, while encompassing hills keep it almost secret from surrounding towns and cities.

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Real freedom lies in wilderness

Boating, fishing, hiking, camping. In Glen Haven, the great outdoors await you—from parks to trails, and reserves to resorts.

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A little history

Early records show that Glen Haven was originally named Stump Town before being renamed Ray's Landing—a name it kept for roughly two decades. The story then goes that a Scottish immigrant named George Burroughs suggested the name Glen Haven, "after the glens of Scotland and the haven so like heaven nestled between the bluffs and wooded hills."

With the arrival of the railroad in 1884, Glen Haven became one of the largest shipping points for livestock between St. Paul, MN, and Chicago, IL. But as the trucking industry grew, railroads lost freight business, and Glen Haven became a farm-based economy.

Today, however, Glen Haven has become a hot spot for adventure, and escape. The peaceful environment of the village makes it a great place to wind down after a day filled with outdoor activities.

Historical images

Few public images exist that showcase Glen Haven's history, but the Wisconsin, and Grant County Historical Societies have great pictures available.

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